History – GW Scott



GW Scott opened its first store in London, England in 1661. After this intial period of trading the business relocated to Soho after the fire of London, which brought many parts of the city to a temporary halt. Given the rapid urbanisation that the city has witnessed it is hard to believe today that there were such short dances between where the willow was grown and where it was then used to create the GW Scott baskets and hampers. The company later moved to Charing Cross Road into a larger premises store, where they were to remain for more than a century.
During these years of successful trading in London GW Scott made woven wicker baskets for the Royal Courts, Parliament, The Army, The Navy as well as many private homes and households.
 In 1851 the company invented the wicker picnic basket, which was then shown to the public for the first time at the "Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations", which was held in Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London. The Picnic became hugely fashionable in the years to follow and was one of the 'things to do'. From Kings and Queens. to gentry and everyday people picnics were taken and enjoyed both on a family's own land, as well as in Public parks to share and spend time outside, together.